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CD-Video: KISS - Tears Are Falling - 5 Track Japan Import CD Video Single! RARE! CDV NTSC

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28.00 USD
28.00 USD
02 Mar 2020
22 Oct 2019
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United States
Like New
Mercury / Polygram
Classic Rock Hard Rock
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KISS - Tears Are Falling - 5 Track Japan Import CD Video Single! RARE! CDV NTSC

VERY RARE, Like New Condition,

Japan Import, 5 Track 1988 CD Video Single !

"Tears Are Falling "



This Kiss CD Video (CDV) single is in Like New condition!

This 1988 CD Video single is housed in a jewel case with a Front & Back Insert. See Pictures of actual item.

This Kiss Japan Import CD Video single is way Out Of Print (OOP)!!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NTSC encoded CDVideo and will play only on NTSC players.

It’s on the Mercury / Polygram Records Label #870 710-2. Dated: 1988.

Track List:


1. Tears Are Falling - 3:55

2. Anyway You Slice It - 4:02

3. Who Wants To Be Lonely - 4:01

4. Secretly Cruel - 3:41


5. Tears Are Falling - 3:45

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Great Collector's item!