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Video-CD: Withdrawn! ROLLING STONES Japan PROMO ONLY box set VIDEO CD numbered - DAMAGED!

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26 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017
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The Rolling Stones
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TITLE : JUMP BACK - official Japan PROMO ONLY "wooden crate" box set - NUMBERED and WITHDRAWN!


This set was issued in 1993 as a numbered edition of 200 but was then WITHDRAWN because the dates on the sleeve of the BOOKLET and VIDEO were incorrect (the sleeves stated "63 - 93" but the correct title should have been "71 - 93". It is one of the rarest Rolling Stones official promotional items in the world, as very few of the 200 copies survived after being withdrawn. This is only the 2nd time we have seen this set since we started selling in 1993 and it is the first time we have seen the set complete as issued.

OFFICIAL and GENUINE Toshiba EMI item!! (note that while the video and booklet are Japanese, the promo CD is an EU issue - this is how it was sent out FROM NEW).

CONDITION: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND CHECK SCANS as the item has significant damage.

The set has been in storage with the original owner since issue in 1993 and during this time sap (from inside the wood) or resin/glue (from making the wooden box) has LEAKED into the box itself. This resin had "glued" the cover of the booklet to the lid of the box, and this has caused significant damage to the booklet cover when the cover and box were seperated. Aside from scuffing and creasing the top layer of paper, some resin also remains on the front of the cover of the booklet too.

Inner pages of the booklet are fine.

In addition, a substantial amount of resin/glue has also leaked onto part of the blue velvet lining inside the box, as well as into the wood itself.

The VIDEO (NTSC format) and CD single are in nice condition.

The right sided wooden strip on the lid of the box has cracked and has been repaired (see red arrow on scan), the box has other lesser imperfections and chips too as well as the resin damage/stains.

The set is HAND NUMBERED on the box and alsohas the same (printed) promo number on the video - the number is covered in the scans ONLY.

OTHER DETAILS: A fantastically rare item - even at 200 sets it would be a rare item, but after being WITHDRAWN it is likely only a small numner of these still exist. We rarely offer anything is less than near mint condition, but this is so rare that we have made an exception as there is no knowing if or when this set will ever turn up again.

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