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Vinyl: Paul McCartney III Third Man Records x/333 Edition Yellow/Black Vinyl Beatles

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5,000.00 USD
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19 Dec 2020
18 Dec 2020
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United States
Brand New
Paul McCartney
Third Man Records
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Paul McCartney III Third Man Records x/333 Edition Yellow/Black Vinyl. Brand New.

This is not a pre-order. I have it in hand and can overnight immediately to get it to you by Christmas, if you need it by then.

Flexible on shipping, i put the FedEx Standard Overnight but can adjust to your preference.
Not thrilled to let it go, but this year was rough on the wallet.. hopefully it goes to a massive fan. Please email with questions.

McCartney III – 333 Edition is limited to 333 copies and is pressed on ‘yellow-with-black-dots’ vinyl created using 33 recycled vinyl copies of McCartney and McCartney II by Third Man Pressing. This special “regrind” pressing is the first version of McCartney’s third self-titled solo album available for purchase.

Note: The Third Man logo on the top left of front cover (stock photos) is NOT actually there. See photos.