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Vinyl: The Beatles – Please Please Me 1963 2nd stereo LP black/gold Parlophone PCS 3042

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20 Dec 2020
10 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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The Beatles – Please Please Me, 1963 2nd stereo LP black/gold Parlophone PCS 3042.

This is a nice example of the second pressing of the stereo LP – Please Please Me by The Beatles. It was released on the black and gold Parlophone label in early 1963 – PCS 3042. The matrix numbers are YEX 94-1 and YEX 95-1. The stamper numbers on the first side are 1 G and on side two they are 1 R. There is no raised tax code on either side. The record is in EX condition. When playing there is a very slight / negligible movement visible with the stylus which of course does not affect play. I am familiar with the term 'storage warp' but would not put this even in that category. It is well within any 'tolerance' that might be expected for a 57 year old LP and usually I would not even mention it. But here, as this is such a nice example I want to state anything and everything. The labels have Northern Songs credits by some of the McCartney-Lennon songs. From what I have read, the second pressing is actually harder to find than the first pressing. (Not that I have ever even seen either before and doubt that I ever will again?!) There are no ‘spider marks’ by the spindle hole on each side and it is easy to see that this can only have been played a handful of times. The gold print is perfectly clean and bright on both sides. The lined Emitex inner-sleeve is clean and crisp.

The laminated Ernest J Day has just a small bump at the bottom right corner (shown in close-up in my picture). There is an even smaller one (more like a tiny graze) to the tip of the bottom left. Otherwise, it has no bumping / fraying – even on the spine where the title is perfectly clean and clear. On the back there is a tiny crease on the bottom seam at its top edge by the opening. Very minor – but as this item is a bit special I need to mention anything and everything. It is remarkably clean – lovely and white, free of finger-marks and of course no writing or stickers etc. In all, the cover grades as EX.