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Vinyl: RCA LM 2250: "Encores by Kogan" NM 1S/5S SD

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10,000.00 USD
10,000.00 USD
03 May 2020
03 May 2020
1 bid
United States
United States
Chamber Music
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RCA LM 2250: "Encores by Kogan" NM 1S/5S SD
Jacket is NM but does have radio station pen marks on both front (almost impossible to see) and back; vinyl NM, cleaned in a VPI machine and placed into a new sleeve, I will include the original RCA paper sleeve. 1S/5S stampers. The radio station call letter are etched in the dedwax but this does not interfere with the stampers themselves. All grading is visual only.

I am happy to combine for shipping.