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Vinyl: John Cage, Pousseur, Babbitt ‎– New Electronic Music (experimental) original

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20 Jan 2020
21 Jul 2019
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United Kingdom
John Cage
Columbia Masterworks
United States
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John Cage, Pousseur, Babbitt ‎– New Electronic Music (experimental) original
First edition grey labels with David Tudor playing the ground breaking Cage piece.
One of the most important 60s releases of avant garde music.
Vinyl looks NM, but there are occasional light ticks on both sides, a strong VG+. Cover is slightly worn and yellowed on the back.
Vinyl has been machine washed and play graded.

Vinyl - VG+
Cover - VG+

Records will be sent in good quality boxes with extra card. The vinyl and inner sleeve will be removed from the outer sleeve to prevent splits and a thin polythene outer sleeve will be used to protect sleeve and disc.