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Reel-to-reel: Reel To Reel Tape-Barclay-Crocker-Max Morath Ragtime Quintet-Dolby-TESTED

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39.99 USD
12 Jun 2019
05 Jun 2019
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Reel To Reel Tape-Barclay-Crocker-Max Morath Ragtime Quintet-Dolby-TESTED

Morath Ragtime Quintet -

The Ragtime Women

(Barclay-Crocker/Vanguard VAN D 79402)

If you're not familiar with Barclay-Crocker, here's the short version of why they made the BEST consumer open reel tapes in existence!

They made STRICTLY limited edition reels from only master tapes that were CAREFULLY scrutinized and duplicated at MUCH slower speeds than all other makers, using Dolby B. Each tape has a quality control number and, thanks to EXTENSIVE record keeping we know this tape was duplicated on

September 11, 1981

and is one of only

287 EVER produced of this title!

It PLAYS great on our Teac X-1000R.

Fidelity is AMAZING!

We play test all of our reel tapes (except the N.O.S./sealed ones) to make sure there's NO missing tape, unwanted splices and drop-outs!

Looks GREAT!

It's 7 1/2 IPS.

The box is clean.

If you have any questions, please ask before bidding. (Please list the item name and # with your question.)

Winner pays shipping.

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