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Vinyl: LP Mark Eitzel Songs Of Love - (Live At The Borderline 17.1.91) NEAR MINT

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23 Feb 2021
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LP Mark Eitzel Songs Of Love - (Live At The Borderline 17.1.91) NEAR MINT
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LP:Mark Eitzel,Songs Of Love - (Live At The Borderline 17.1.91)

'Recorded by Jeffrey Zipper on the Zipper Mobile at The Borderline, London, 17th January 1991.

B6 & B7 are studio demos.

Cover has sticker:
'File Under: America Music Club Fiend 213'n'


Label:Demon Records
Catalogue Number:FIEND 213

Condition / Grading

Cover / Case:
VINYL / Medium:
* According to

Important Notes:2 thin scratches on FC


1/1Mark Eitzel-Firefly
1/2Mark Eitzel-Chanel No. 5
1/3Mark Eitzel-Western Sky
1/4Mark Eitzel-Blue And Grey Shirt
1/5Mark Eitzel-Gary's Song
1/6Mark Eitzel-Outside This Bar
2/1Mark Eitzel-Room Above The Club
2/2Mark Eitzel-Last Harbour
2/3Mark Eitzel-Kathleen
2/4Mark Eitzel-Crabwalk
2/5Mark Eitzel-Jenny
2/6Mark Eitzel-Take Courage
2/7Mark Eitzel-Nothing Can Bring Me Down
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