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Vinyl: ID23z - Gorillaz - Song Machine Season - vinyl LP VINYL - New

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20.28 GBP
22 Oct 2020
21 Oct 2020
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United Kingdom
Brand New
PLG UK Frontline
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ID23z - Gorillaz - Song Machine Season - vinyl LP VINYL - New
About this Item
The eBay subject title can sometimes cut off important information regarding item listing details. Below is a more detailed summary of this specific item for sale:

The item format is a vinyl LP VINYL
The Artist Name is Gorillaz
The Title is Song Machine, Season One: Stra

Condition New
The Media Condition is New

This is new and unplayed

The Sleeve Condition is New

Other Comments
New Store Stock Media Condition-New. Sleeve Condition-New.

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Location ID 23z

iHaveit Internal Reference ID 61671342

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