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Vinyl: Bodast Featuring Steve Howe The Bodast Tapes Cherry Red Vinyl LP

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23 Feb 2021
13 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
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Bodast Featuring Steve Howe The Bodast Tapes Cherry Red Vinyl LP
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LP:Bodast Featuring Steve Howe,The Bodast Tapes

'Recorded at Trident Studios, London, 1969

Engineered for re-release at Sarm Studios, Nov. 1980 (Gary Langan)

Dedicated to the memory of Clive Skinner (D. 1978)

Jim Jag credited with 'Sleeve Remix''


Label:Cherry Red
Catalogue Number:BRED 12

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Cover / Case:
VINYL / Medium:
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1/1Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-Do You Remember
1/2Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-Beyond Winter
1/3Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-Once In A Lifetime
1/4Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-Black Leather Gloves
2/1Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-Tired Towers
2/2Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-Mr. Jones
2/3Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-1.000 Years
2/4Bodast Featuring Steve Howe-Nether Street


Acoustic GuitarClive Skinner
Acoustic GuitarSteve Howe
BassSteve Howe
Bass GuitarDavid Atkins
DrumsBobbie Clarke
EngineerGary Langan
EngineerKen Scott
EngineerRobin Geoffrey Cable
Lead GuitarSteve Howe
PhotographyEd Carson
ProducerKeith West
RemixSteve Howe
SleeveJim Jag
SleeveJohn Jessup
VocalsClive Skinner
VocalsDavid Atkins
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