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Vinyl: Persona 5: The Deluxe Edition 6-LP Vinyl Box Set / iam8bit / NEW, SEALED, RARE

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899.95 USD
899.95 USD
13 Apr 2020
08 Apr 2020
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United States
Brand New
Shoji Meguro
iam8bit / ATLUS
Soundtracks & Musicals
Jazz Rock Pop Funk Soul Video Game Score/Soundtrack
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Persona 5: The Deluxe Edition 6-LP vinyl collection released 12/23/17 by iam8bit and Atlus Sound Team.
According to iam8bit they ran a limited pressing of 1,000 units that immediately sold out in 2017. Additionally, iam8bit stated "no additional copies will be produced in the future".

RARE! This copy is SEALED!

  • Contains the complete Persona 5 video game soundtrack of 110 songs.
  • Please do not confuse this 6-LP "The Deluxe Edition" with the widely produced 4-LP "The Essential Collection".
  • The whole set is housed inside a high-quality collector's box.
  • The front cover features a unique holographic/lenticular image featuring the game's main cast that is an alternate image to the standard 4-LP version.
  • Contains a calling card and stickers in the art style of Persona 5 to create your own calling card.
  • Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Pop, Stage & Screen
  • Style: Jazz-Rock, Soundtrack
  • This box set has never been opened so I have not seen the actual LP's and sleeves. According to original iam8bit product information the LP's are as follows: 1 LP black, 1 LP grey, 1 LP clear, 1 LP red translucent, and 2 LP's blue translucent.
Inside of the box set is a note from Shoji Meguro, and a sticker sheet with alphabet letters. On the back of the box set is a blank white space with the text "The Persona 5 soundtrack makes me feel..." and the idea is to use the alphabet letters to create a custom message.

RARE! It's almost impossible to find this anywhere.

Weight is around 4 lb. This will ship for FREE via USPS Priority Mail with receipt signature required. Item will be protected very well in our choice of shipping box.