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Vinyl: Pink Floyd 7" vinyl 'One Of These Days' Italian pressing EMIHarvest Rare PS 1972

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13 Oct 2019
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Pink Floyd
World Music
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Pink Floyd 7" vinyl 'One Of These Days' Italian pressing EMIHarvest Rare PS 1972
Pink Floyd 7" vinyl 'One Of These Days' Italian pressing EMI Harvest Rare PS 1972. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. The vinyl is in excellent condition with no marks, blemishes or scratches. The sleeve is aged and split along the bottom and one side.
"One of These Days " is the opening track from Pink Floyd 's 1971 album Meddle . The composition is instrumental except for the only spoken (or sung) line from drummer Nick Mason , "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces." It features double-tracked bass guitars played by David Gilmour and Roger Waters , with each bass hard panned into one channel of stereo, but one bass sound is quite muted and dull. According to Gilmour, this is because that particular instrument had old strings on it, and the roadie they had sent to get new strings for it wandered off to see his girlfriend instead.
The predominant element of the piece is that of a bass guitar played through a delay (echo) unit, set to produce repeats in quarter-note triplets. The result of this setting is: if the player plays simple quarter notes, the added echoes will produce a pattern of quarter note – eighth note, quarter note – eighth note . Pink Floyd would again use this technique on the bass line for "Sheep ".

The piece is in B minor, occasionally alternating with an A major chord.

The distinctive keyboard accents on this track are composed of three components: A Hammond organ forms the 'fade in', followed by a "Stab" composed of a second Hammond organ with percussion stop, overdubbed with an acoustic piano fed through a Leslie speaker, as was also used on "Echoes". For live versions, the 'fade in' part was played on a Farfisa organ.

This is a rare version of this track which was pressed in Italy as a single. It is coupled with 'Fearless' as its B side.