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Cassette: Queen - Greatest Hits - 1981 CASSETTE TAPE

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7.99 GBP
22 May 2019
06 May 2019
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United Kingdom
Very Good
United Kingdom
Easy Listening Pop R&B
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Queen - Greatest Hits - 1981 CASSETTE TAPE
This is an auction for a HARD TO FIND cassette version of QUEEN - Greatest Hits .

The Cassette and inlay look to be in VERY GOOD+ condition.

The cassette case has some light scuff marks but it is a standard case and can be replaced I am sure if you have a better one.

Sadly I no longer have a cassette tape player to be able to test the tape , so although it looks look fine I have to sell as untested.

Please look at my other auctions which include other artists including Many Elvis items and other music formats.