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Vinyl: 3800+ Lot 45 Vinyl Records Great Songs 1930 - 1980 Nice - Photo Elvis Beatles

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2,400.00 USD
2,400.00 USD
23 Feb 2021
14 Feb 2021
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United States
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Client was a successful Juke Box Retailer and Record Supplier from the 1930's - 1980's even during the war years. He would change the records once a week, so the condition of them range from good to hardly used. He often would receive the records directly from the Record Label, so almost all if not all are Original Labels and Original Vinyls.

There is roughly 3,875 records - rough count. You will be getting this great lot for less than $1 each. Most have some type of sleeve and there will be repeats. They will range in individual price value of 50 cents to possibly $100s if you separate them out.

These will ship the cheapest method I can get based on your location, but will be double boxed.

THE INDIVIDUAL PICTURES ARE ONLY SAMPLES OF WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE. There are Beatles, punk, country, Elvis Photo Sleeves, Sun Record Label, all genres.

If you live close enough, they may be hand delivered to you.

Due to the nature of the product, returns are not allowed.

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