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Vinyl: MOTLEY CRUE 1st LEATHER Press TOO FAST FOR LOVE 1981 Full Shrink Wrap

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27 Jul 2020
20 Jul 2020
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United States
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A very rare first pressing of Motley Crue's 1981 debut album, Too Fast For Love, on Leathur Records. This is the earliest version with the black and white back cover and Vince Neil's outrageously large hair, also on the lyric insert.

The cover is mint and has fully intact shrink wrap and beautiful square corners.

The disc, while very clean and probably played no more than a few times, HAS HEAT DAMAGE. This causes the disc to play a bit off center on the first song on each side. As a result, playing the first song on each side requires extra tracking weight. With regular tracking, there is some skipping ONLY on the first song on either side. But when we put a penny on the end of the tonearm, that solved the problem, and it played through fine. No extra weight is needed for the other four songs on each side. Otherwise, the album plays well and sounds great throughout.

The insert is in VG+ condition, with two horizontal creases at the top, and a tiny edge tear on the right side, and a bit of waviness.

Incredibly, in 2019 a sealed copy of this album sold for $50,857, and two open copies sold for $4850 and $4469. As an experiment, we're going to list this starting at one cent. No reserve. Sorry, but we won't be ending this auction early. Good luck everyone!

We have copied from an online listing all of the signifiers of a true first pressing, all of which this has:

- 900 copies. [According to most sources including the book "Lude, Crude And Rude"]
- 2000 copies. [According to several sources including the book "The Official Biography - The First Five Years"]
- Band name and album title is written in white on the front cover.
- The record labels are white with black lettering.
- LR-123 printed on the spine of the cover.
- Very thick and stiff cover.
- Vince has big hair on the back cover and on the insert photo.
- The hair was touched up so it would show up against the white background, just a little too much.[Vince couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it ]
- There are no sunglasses in the middle of the back cover as on the second and third press.
- Nikki's arms are crossed at his chest on the insert photo, he's pointing his arm straight out on the second and third press.

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