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Vinyl: The Beatles - Please Please Me - ORIGINAL 1963- EX+ to NM SUPERB! Ernest J. Day First Press? (B&Y) YEX 94-1, 95-1, Mothers 1-P, 1-G, MT

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4.95 GBP
25 Jun 2020
15 Jun 2020
22 bids
United Kingdom
The Beatles
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I have a large collection of records which I have gathered over the yrs.I knew I was going to sell them someday, so this present phase in our daily lives has got me kick started.I have decided to sell them ALL on here (eventually). I have had such a pleasure in collecting various type of music since I was 15.The first record I sold from my collection was Thin Lizzy on Decca, which was very hard,now it's not too bad selling the rest.

I will combine ALL postage (please just ask), e.g. 1 single =£1.64,up to 30 singles £3.50.1 LP - £3.50 also 1-3 LPs £3.50 (Second class ).If you are waiting for another item to use as part of your combined postage, then please let me know,thank you.Please contact me for any more info,all the best,Ann

To reduce postage costs for the buyer I have made my own cardboard packaging.

I would like to thank all customers who keep coming back , I am very grateful to you all.

Singles will come in a generic sleeve if I do not have a company sleeve for it.


Sorry to all those watchers on my last night's listings,whilst I appreciate any bid, I did ask people to not bid on this item until today as I wanted to check the condition of the vinyl first, but people still did and now I have to relist it. Anyway here goes-

I have started by selling my white album last wk so now to the next three vinyls.I purchased this from new.

Beatles Please Please Me PCS 3042

Sleeve - An absolute beaut of a sleeve,you would have to travel far to get a better one.

Very clean and NO creasing except 2 or 3 small ones ,hardly noticeable.

The spine is immaculate and where you slide the record in, is also superb.Top left lip rear is a little untidy to stop it being close to MINT .

This is the first LP the Beatles recorded in 1963 so that makes it 57 yrs old! The sheen on it is remarkable!

Vinyl is EX++ to Near Mint (2 or 3 small marks in dead wax area,from new)

I played Side 1 and it plays excellent with hardly any, or very light surface noise

Matrix - YEX 94-1,95-1

Mother Stampers - 1-P,1-G

Tax Code - MT

DO Please contact me for any info you may require ,thank you very much