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Vinyl: Neil Young Harvest Gat Insert NM # 1

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21,95 EUR
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21,95 EUR
16 Sep 2020
02 Jan 2020
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Neil Young Harvest Gat Insert NM # 1

Hallo. Ich versende immer versichert.

Innerhalb Deutschland wird nur einmal Porto berechnet. Egal wieviel Lp´s gekauft werden.

Only for internationalbuyer. Ebay always carries the same shipping charges into the invoice.

But a double record or a box is heavier. Please wait of my invoice. Thank you ! ! !

Neil Young Harvest

) and you can see a big photo for more information !

Vinyl: side 1: VG + + / near mint,

side 2: fine surface sratches, plays VG + / near mint