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8-Track cartridge: 8 Track-Ruth Copeland-Self Portrait-1970 P.Funk Tape-SEALED!

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39.99 USD
39.99 USD
13 Sep 2019
06 Sep 2019
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United States
Brand New
8-Track cartridge
United States
R&B & Soul
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8 Track-Ruth Copeland-Self Portrait-1970 P.Funk Tape-SEALED!

*We're opening the 8 track vault!*

If you like rare and collectible 8 tracks, we have plenty of cool titles in our store and are constantly adding new ones!

THIS tape is from a collection of SEALED cartridges.

SOME are pristine and look new. OTHERS have flaws like torn shrink, deletion marks, etc. SOME were probably re-sealed back in the 1970's by wholesale distributors, which was common practice.

PLEASE look carefully at the photos for condition.

Ruth Copeland -

Self Portrait

(Invictus 8XT-7303)

This is the ORIGINAL 1970 U.S. 8 track cartridge!

It features some of the Parliament/Funkadelic guys backing her.


The tape looks GREAT!

*PLEASE NOTE: Many 8 track tapes degrade over the years. Even NOS tapes MAY need new sensing foil, rollers or pads. Because of their age, ALL of our tapes are sold as-is.

If you have any questions, please ask before bidding. (Please list the item name and # with your question.)

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