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Vinyl: Moonshake Banksy Test Pressing - Pokemon Red / Blue Vinyl Soundtrack 10/100

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950.00 USD
420.00 USD
15 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019
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United States
Junichi Masuda
Soundtracks & Musicals
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Hey all,
if you're here then you probably know about this rarity I'm listing here.
It's the test pressing of the Pokemon Red/Blue soundtrack with handmade Banksy-inspired art (note: not actually Banksy art).
This soundtrack has been lovingly kept in great condition, it has never been played.
I'm parting with this piece of art and video game music history due to financial difficulties.
I'm hoping it can find the right home.
Gotta catch 'em all, right?
Please inquire further for more pictures if you're interested.