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78 rpm: WIZARD OF OZ, 78 rpm Original Sound Track on DECCA - Very Rare Unplayed Records

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400.00 USD
400.00 USD
14 Mar 2019
27 Feb 2019
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United States
78 rpm
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This is without a doubt a remarkable album. It is the original 78 rpm record version from the sound track of the 1939 best musical of all time, "The Wizard of Oz" starring Judy Garland. The album is listed as DECCA ALBUM No. 74. The album is a hardboard cover with the four original Decca 78 rpm records. The inside front and back cover has the still photo story of the musical in 22 individual stills and is in great condition. The original 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" show program is included and in really nice condition. It contains Biographical notes of the composers, Harold Arlen, music and E. Y. Harburg, lyrics. Overall. the condition of the jacket is good considering that it is 80 years old. It shows some edge wear and the binding is starting to loosen. The print, front and back, is in very good condition. The original 10" discs are as follows:

Decca no. 2672 Over The Rainbow b/w The Jitterbug

Decca no. 2673 Munchkinland Part 1 b/w Munchinkin Part 2 (Introducing "Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead")

Decca no. 2674 If I Only Had A Brain b/w If I Only Had A Heart (If I Only Had The Nerve)

Decca no. 2675 The Merry Old Land Of Oz b/w We're Off To See The Wizard

The condition of the records is also remarkable. They appear to be unplayed, MINT condition. The discs have terrific sheen and positively no marks or blemishes whatsoever. The labels are perfect, bright gold and Decca blue. I have seen these sets come up once in a great while at auction, but never one as nice as this and it is unlikely you'll ever find one of this nice again. The only reason I'm willing to part with it is I'm damn near as old as the set itself, and have failing health. It is time to give someone else the chance to enjoy it, and I sincerely hope the new owner treasures this as much as I have. It is for sale to US buyers exclusively, I will under no circumstance, for any amount of money sell it to someone over seas. This is American history and it belongs in America. It will be expertly packed, well padded, double boxed and insured for safe transport. Good luck and have fun on ebay!