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Vinyl: Beatles..Anthology Style 45's 24 w/Binder Tollie, Swan, MGM, ATCO, Capitol '63-'70

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14 Aug 2019
07 Aug 2019
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United States
The Beatles
United States
British Invasion
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This is The Beatles...24 Records...45 rpm 1963-70

45 rpm Records with Binder...all go in this LOT...

I put together this mix of early to later 45's in an anthology style collection

Labels: VG+ and above, various conditions...see pic

Vinyl: VG+ and above, various conditions, some a little scratchy, most have new gloss....

Ticket To Ride (slight warp, plays through fine)

Sampling of 24 Beatles 45's from 1963 to 1970

Not shown in pics, (4 records) Strawberry Fields Forever-Paperback Writer...I'll Cry Instead-Can't Buy Me Love

All are in nice playing condition....

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