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Vinyl: Home Alone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP Red Green

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54.99 USD
54.99 USD
31 Oct 2019
24 Jun 2019
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United States
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Original Soundtrack
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Item is brand new, sealed and in excellent condition. Item pictured is the one you would receive. I care about records a great deal and will package your item with reinforced cardboard and bubble wrap.


The ultimate Christmas album. Featuring original music by John Williams, and including such classic Christmas songs such as "White Christmas," "I'll be Home For Christmas," and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."

Featuring original artwork by Andrew Kolb, and housed in a die-cut gatefold jacket, with printed inner sleeves.

Pressed on 180 Gram Translucent Red (Disc 1) & Translucent Green Disc (Disc 2) colored vinyl.

Side A
01. Home Alone Main Title ("Somewhere In My Memory") (4:53)
02. Holiday Flight (0:59)
03.The House (2:27)
04. Star Of Bethlehem (Orchestral Version) (2:51)
05. Man Of The House (4:33)

Side B
06. White Christmas (2:40) - Performed by The Drifters
07. Scammed By A Kindergartner (3:55)
08. Please Come Home For Christmas (2:41) - Performed by Southside Johnny Lyon
09. Follow That Kid! (2:03)
10. Making The Plane (0:52)
11. O Holy Night (2:48)

Side C
12. Carol Of The Bells (1:25)
13. Star Of Bethlehem (2:59)
14. Setting The Trap (2:16)
15. Somewhere In My Memory (With Chorus & Orchestra) (1:04)
16. The Attack On The House (6:53)

Side D
17. Mom Returns And Finale (4:19)
18. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (3:05) - Performed by Mel Torme
19. We Wish You A Merry Chrismas/ End Title (4:15)