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Vinyl: Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Withdrawn Mono LP 1A Matrices 4 Different Tracks

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07 May 2019
25 Mar 2019
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United States
Bob Dylan
United States
Acoustic Folk/Country Rock
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RARE WITHDRAWN US LP ORIGINAL PRESSING WITH 1A MATRICES AND FOUR DIFFERENT TRACKS: Rocks and Gravel, Let Me Die In My Footsteps, Gamblin’ Willie’s Dead Man’s Hand and Talkin’ John Birch Blues

1963 Columbia Records CL-1986

You are bidding on a WITHDRAWN rare LP pressing of Bob Dylan's classic album The Freewheelin Bob Dylan . Some information about this pressing from Recordmecca:

Bob Dylan – Original “Freewheelin'” Album With 4 Withdrawn Tracks

An extremely rare copy of “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” with four tracks not released on the commercial version– Rocks and Gravel, Let Me Die In My Footsteps, Gamblin’ Willie’s Dead Man’s Hand and Talkin’ John Birch Blues. The original “Freewheelin'” album with the withdrawn tracks is one of the rarest and most valuable records in the world. A stereo copy sold for $35,000, and a mint mono copy would likely bring $15,000. For reasons still not completely clear, just prior to the album’s release four of the songs were replaced with four newly recorded tracks. Some speculate that because CBS television’s censors wouldn’t let Dylan perform “Talkin’ John Birch Blues” on the Ed Sullivan Show, the CBS-owned Columbia Records pulled it from the album. Others note that the four “replacement” tracks were recorded after the album was completed, and were simply too good to be left off (they included Dylan classics Masters of War and Girl From The North Country.) In any case, replacement masters featuring the new songs were made, the artwork was changed, and Columbia released the revised album. Except–and this later turned out to be a very big deal–someone at one of the pressing plant didn’t get the message, and a small number of copies were pressed using the old stampers. In the 49 years since the release of “Freewheelin’,” a very few copies have surfaced that play the four “withdrawn” tracks–only two stereo copies are known, and fewer than 20 mono copies. No one has yet solved the mystery of why so few copies escaped Columbia’s pressing plants.

This record is a VG pressing.


RECORD: VG Record is in very good condition. The record shows scuffs and scratches on both sides. Some of the scratches appear to be deep, but it plays back fine on my Technics turntable with 2.5g on the tonearm. No jumps or skips, but there is surface noise throughout.

COVER: G+ This cover is in good plus condition. The cover looks every bit of its vintage. There are no split seams, but all seam show wear. There is a name written on the back cover and the letter R in the bottom left corner of the back cover.

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