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Cassette: The Beatles CASSETTES Red 1962-67 & Blue 1967-70 SEALED HYPE STICKERS Apple 1993

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12 Jan 2018
02 Jan 2018
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United States
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The Beatles
United States
Soft Rock British Invasion Rock 'n' Roll
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This is an auction of 2 very rare FACTORY SEALED BEATLES AUDIO CASSETTES -The Beatles DOUBLE CASSETTES Red 1962-67 & Blue 1967-70 - FACTORY SEALED with very rare HYPE STICKERS issued by Apple 1993. Very rare condition Beatles greatest hits collections with rare HYPE STICKERS!
MAKES A SUPER GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR THE SERIOUS BEATLES COLLECTOR IN YOUR LIFE! Purchase now and guarantee delivery before the holiday (in the USA)!