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Cassette: Sex Pistols Better Live Than Dead USA Cassette Tape

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9.99 USD
9.99 USD
01 Mar 2019
14 Apr 2016
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United States
Very Good
Sex Pistols
Restless Records
United States
Punk/New Wave
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Sex Pistols Better Live Than Dead USA Cassette Tape
Sex Pistols Better Live Than Dead Cassette

If you are not familiar with our grading / combined shipping rates etc. , please read the entire auction

Please refer to my grading below to get a clear understanding of the condition

Cassette is in VG++ Condition. Inlay is in VG++ Condition

Catalog # Restless Records ‎– 72255-4 USA Pressing

We list the item CONDITION of item and inlay ,CORRECT tracks ,a REAL photo. We take no shortcuts like other sellers!


A1 Liar 3:01

A2 Substitute 2:54

A3 No Feelings 2:39

A4 No Fun 4:35

A5 Pretty Vacant 3:06

A6 Problems 4:08

A7 Anarchy In The U.K. 3:23

B1 I Wanna Be Me 2:48

B2 I'm A Lazy Sod 1:53

B3 Suburban Kid 2:55

B4 Don't Give Me No Lip Child 3:16

B5 Stepping Stone 2:51

B6 Submission 3:51

Please understand some of the cassettes we sell are 20-30 years old. Sometimes the felt pressure pads will fall off during shipping or the first time you play an old tape . We check the pads when we sell them but sometimes they do fall off after that , this is a simple matter of re-glueing the pad back on (Household GOOP is the best glue!) . . . I guarantee every tape to play . I cannot play them all for testing since I buy around 1000 tapes per month. I do not have 1000 hours to listen to cassettes every month! , This item and all my items are GUARANTEED to PLAY or a replacement tape or Refund will be given . PLEASE email Me so I can correct any problems instead of giving me a bad feedback and not giving me a chance to make things right.


NM (Near Mint) means like new superb condition

VG++ very minimal amount of wear ,very small marks on the tape or very slight wear on the letters. Cover should be in great shape with only the slightest flaws. Most collectors are happy with VG++ items

VG+ Tape shows regular use, may be a little dirty or have a good bit of wear , letters may be fading. Front cover may be sunfaded , scuffed etc. A VG+ tape still plays fine . A lot of people who consider themselves "collectors" don't like VG+ items , this is more for the person who wants to play the music.

VG Condition -- Significant wear signs of heavy use , even neglect , Tape may have lots of scuffs , lots of letter wear , cover may be stained , wrinkled , pages stuck together -- Most collectors do not like items in this condition , this also if for the person who just wants to play it

G --- Horrible condition looks like it shouldn't even play---- may be warped , felt may be missing---- letters completely worn off , heavy cover damage . will play through but may have some noise .

I don't really grade the jewel case as they can be replaced, unless it is a unique type of jewel case then it will be graded


Drill holes (or sometimes called promo punch) and sawcuts (sometimes called cutouts) that go through the inlay will be listed if they have any .

WE RECOMMEND ---- Making a Copy of all your old rare tapes for listening to instead of playing the original. Tapes are more fragile than records and cds. If you make a copy or transfer to CD and it gets ruined no big deal just make another from the original .

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