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Reel-to-reel: lot 15 radio broadcast automation library reels 1/4" tape pop/gold Oldies/60s ?

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02 Jun 2020
23 May 2020
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United States
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Most (or all) of these automation reels came from KALE or KIOK, Tri-Cities (Richland), Washington. As best as we can tell, they were aired in the late 1980s-early 1990s. (some may have air dates in ink written on portions of boxes). Each is likely recorded at 7.5 ips or 15 ips, maybe stereo (for FM broadcast), but there could be monophonic content, too. Each a fully loaded 10" reel, with perhaps Ampex 632 or 642 formula tape.

the pictures tell practically the whole story - no major identifying marks or labels on the reels, no track sheets, few if any useful markings on the boxes. There is one box cover with some track info and notes, circa 1991, handwritten on a label. (re: the Milestones program)

Note boxes are in used, fair-to-poor condition. Some leader tape may be present on some of the reels. Some of the more well-used tape examples may show shedding of oxide, or they may play for years without losing anything.

The content is likely Oldies, '60s pop, '60s rock, AM hits; material of that nature, although we can't guarantee there was not commingling of tapes from other sources, nor that all boxes match up with the tape inside, etc.

A lot of fifteen of these reels weighs approx. 26-27 lbs. Fits neatly into a 12-in^3 box. (for that reason, shipping combination discounts are likely impossible) At the very worst, you are getting useful NAB plastic reels if you dump the tape; at best, you are getting many hours of classic broadcast songs from the Sixties!

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International buyers please refer to the shipping calculator. Please note S/H costs include postage, packaging, processing, and handling. Bid with your overall costs in mind.

Thanks for looking!!

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