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8-Track cartridge: Frank Sinatra Only the Lonely VINTAGE signed in faded fountain pen 8 track RARE

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19 Jan 2020
17 Jan 2020
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Frank Sinatra
8-Track cartridge
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Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely

LP Released 1958

8 Track Released 1975

Signed in fountain pen very dark. Hard to see

also known as Sings for Only the Lonely or simply Only the Lonely) is an album by Frank Sinatra.

The album consists of a collection of torch songs, following a formula similar to Sinatra's previous albums In the Wee Small Hours(1955) and Where Are You? (1957).

According to John Rockwell's book, Sinatra: An American Classic, when asked at a party in the mid-1970s if he had a favorite album among his recordings, without hesitation, Sinatra chose Only the Lonely.

The album's front cover was painted by Nicholas Volpe, who won a Grammy Award for the painting. The painting features Sinatra as a sullen, Pagliacci-like clown. Sketched on the album's back cover is one of Sinatra's recurrent visual motifs: a lamppost.

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