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Vinyl: NIPON NO EIGA ONGAKU 1946~61 Takemitsu MAYUZUMI Japan 5 LP Box OST OBI Avant NM

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17 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016
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OST/ TAKEMITSU TORU; MAYUZUMI TOSHIRO; etc: “Ni Hon No Eiga Ongaku 1946 - 1961”


Label Number: SJX-2151~55

- Rare original 1st Japanese pressing from 1977!!!


- COMPLETE WITH Fully Illustrated 20 PAGED BOOK & 5 Individual Record sleeves.

- Comes with always missing OBI

- MINT condition, unplayed stock copy – best condition imaginable



5 LP Record Set: Near Mint ~ Mint. Archival condition, just perfect. Records seem unplayed and untouched. Not a single spindle mark in sight. Best condition imaginable.

Outer Box Set: Near Mint ~ Mint – perfect condition with NO SIGNS OF HANDLING OR STORAGE WEAR, like new condition with sharp corners, solid thick spine and NO discolorations. Best condition possible.

5 Individual Record Jackets: Near Mint ~ Mint – unplayed with not a single spindle mark in sight – perfect!!!

20 paged Fully Illustrated Booklet: Near Mint ~ Mint

OBI: MINT with no defects. Obi is always missing, here it is complete and untouched. VIRGINAL CONDITION!!!

Some words on this issue: OST/ TAKEMITSU TORU; MAYUZUMI TOSHIRO; AKUTAGAWA YASUSHI; etc: “Ni Hon No Eiga Ongaku 1946 ~ 1961” (Victor Records – SJX-2151-55) (5 LP Record Set: Near Mint/Outer Box Set: Near Mint/ 20 Paged Booklet: Near Mint/ Individual LP Sleeves: Near Mint/ OBI: Near Mint). First time ever I can offer a complete copy with obi of this already hard to come by killer box set. Amazing and massive 5 LP box set highlighting some of the key musical moments of Japanese Post War cinema up until the arrival of the Nouvelle Vague!!! Finally a copy available of this great Japanese vintage movie soundtrack that saw the light of day in 1977. Searched high and low for this slide for years but finally was able to wheel in a copy. Brings together some great vintage soundtrack bites that have been unavailable for years and do not surface anywhere else. The whole set was compiled and annotated by composer and electronic music critic Akiyama Kuniharu. Tracks include compositions out of the following: Hayasaka Fumio: "Minshu no Teki"; "Yokihi"; "Joyu"; "Yoidore Tenshi"; "Niji O Daku Shojo"; "Fijisan Cho"; "Nora Inu" - Yoshizawa Hiroshi & Mayuzumi Toshiro: "Kikyou" - Saito Ichiro: "Nishitsuru Ichidai Onna"; "Okasan"; "Hinazuma"; "Himitsu" - Akutagawa Yasushi: "Entotsu No Mieru Basho" - Kinoshita Tadashi: "Onna No Sono"; "Kono Hiroi Sora No Dokokani" - Ifukube Akira: "Birma No Tategoto"; "Onibi"; "Mahiro No Ankoku" - Mayuzumi Toshihiro: "Bakumatsu Taiyoden"; "Kichigai Buraku" - Hayashi Hikaru: "Daigo Fukuruimaru"; "Niguruma No Uta"; "Ningen No Kabe" - Sato Masaru: "Warui Yatsu Hodoyoku Nemuru" - Takemitsu Toru: "Mozu"; "Furyo Shonen" and so much more. Great grainy sonic marvels balancing on the tightrope of Western influences and traditional styles, creating a highly volatile and addictive mixture that fuses neatly with the cinematic imagery. Some of the recordings - especially the one coming just after the war - have a ghostlike character, whilst others are balancing on the verge of avant-garde and early electronic music cut-up miniature pieces. So beautiful, one keeps on discovering something new each time one dives into this set. Top condition, impossible to ever upgrade upon.

New to the e-bay game but long experience in selling records so bid with confidence.

Our grading scale: Mint/ Near Mint/ Excellent/ VG++/. We don’t sell anything below VG++. VG++ grade is basically that the record has some scuffs and has wear. Excellent: record has hardly no visible defects and is preserved with care and attention, the condition most collectors take pride in to file away. Near Mint: a dash below mint, just perfect. Mint: like new.

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THIS IS A 5 LP BOX SET with BOOK and is HEAVY. SHIPPING WILL BE CALCULATED BASED ON YOUR LOCATION so it will be impossible to ship at 4$ or 22$ for that matter. If you cannot comply with this - please refrain from bidding!!!


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