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Vinyl: Santana - Abraxas 2LP 45RPM MOFI MFSL One Step NEW SEALED COPY UD1S 2-001

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2,280.00 CAD
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2,280.00 CAD
21 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021
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Brand New
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
United States
Hard Rock
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Santana - Abraxas 2LP 45RPM Box Set MOFI MFSL Ultradisc One Step NEW SEALED COPY UD1S 2-001 UPC 821797200127.
Number 1610 of 2500.

Highly collectable and limited to 2500 copies. Considered to be the best version of this album.

New sealed copy. No visible damage to outer box.

Will be packaged very well in an Acoustic Sounds LP box with extra carboard and bubble wrap.

Free shipping to Canada and USA.

International shipping may be available. Contact me for more information.