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Vinyl: JOY DIVISION sordide sentimental 7' french First Press Atmosphere/Dead Souls

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17 Oct 2020
07 Oct 2020
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Joy Division
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Original 1980 1st Pressing Licht Und Blindheit from Sordide Sentimental in France. With Original blue Insert and its Limited No.000159 (for a total of 1578). The vinyl looks unplayed (like new). Zero default. I played it twice, it sounds terrific. AMAZING!!! Original black label with original matrix : MPO SS33002A t side A and MPO SS33002B t side B. Gatefold is in good condition, with a small hole on the plastic (see the photo). Nothing serious. Great one, don't worry! Ask for photos. I can send everywhere. Post cost included insurance : 40€ international / 30€ France. Remise en main propre possible sur Reims ou Paris (pour ceux qui peuvent attendre un peu).