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Vinyl: The Beatles 3rd State Stereo Butcher Cover #2 near mint w/ peeled slick & C.O.A.

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2,999.00 USD
2,999.00 USD
23 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020
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United States
The Beatles
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Here for sale is this amazing authentic 3rd State Stereo Butcher Cover #2 from the east coast. Condition is in near mint condition with nice seams & hardly any flaws at all. The peel is 100% and includes the actual peeled trunk slick in one piece. The matching stereo record is in excellent condition. Also including is the original golden rod Capitol Records inner sleeve + a C.O.A. I personally have peeled 25 mostly mono east coast butcher covers over the last 45 years of collecting The Beatles, but never I have I owned a stereo Butcher Cover is this great of condition. Shipped double boxed for protection through UPS ground. Thanks Frank