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Vinyl: Hank Mobley Blue Note BLP 1568 US RVG DG 9M Ear 47 West 63 RD NY No Inc. Mono

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5.555,55 EUR
(6,273.05 USD)
5.555,55 EUR
06 Jun 2020
01 Jun 2020
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United States
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Ultra rare in this condition, see pictures.

Some of the records are more than 60 years old, so period-related manufacturing errors such as bubbles do not represent a defect. Whenever they are visbible they will be described. Distortions (noise) to be heard when playing such an old record are also time-related and thus do not represent a defect.

Please do bid only if you are aware of these facts and accept them.
You cannot expect to receive the sound quality offered by a CD.

Ask for more details, perhaps photos or a video. From private collection.

multibuy +1 Euro per vinyl

Please ask any questions before you bid, I hate aftersales discussions. I will send you any details you want.

Really best packaging, with tracking.