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Vinyl: Fenner Leland & O'Brien private Upstate Ny Psych Folk Garage Sealed 1970 Lp

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2,469.00 USD
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21 Mar 2020
14 Mar 2020
21 bids
United States
Folk/Country Rock Garage Rock Psychedelic Rock Folk Rock
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Fenner Leland & O'Brien Somewhere someday somehow Upstate Ny Psych Folk Garage Classic Sealed 1970 Lp. Only 250 copies made of this amazing private garage folk classic from Colgate University in upstate New York this is absolutely mint and sealed all corners sharp as a tack you will never see a copy like this again. Original pressing. Acid Archives grail..gentle strumming..fuzz guitar..dirty organ..floaty vocals..kids trippin..smoked up windows covered in bubble film..all the elements that make a classic. Link to sounds https://youtu.be/Mid47H_pjoY

Condition is New unused stock.. Shipped with USPS Media Mail.