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Cassette: FU MANCHU Action Is Go Cassette Tape Mammoth Records stoner rock nebula kyuss om

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12 Sep 2019
12 May 2019
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FU MANCHU Action Is Go Cassette Tape Mammoth Records stoner rock nebula kyuss om
FU MANCHU - The Action Is Go Cassette Tape
  • Cassette tape shows a little wear, but still a lot of life left in this sucker!
  • Seems uncommon, & don't see these pop up too often.

CONDITION: Tape works well, & has intact pressure pad. Case has very some general wear, some scratches, a few small cracks, & has working hinges. Inner card stock sleeve is in great shape. See photos.



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tags: stoner / doom / electric wizard / godzilla's eatin dust / bongload / man's ruin / brant bjork / unida / dozer / tony alva / queens of the stone age / qotsa / wo fat / tool / clutch / goatsnake / melvins /