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Cassette: Metallica Ride The Lightning Rare Advanced Promo Tape 1984 Megaforce OriginalHtf

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250.00 USD
250.00 USD
21 Nov 2020
12 Apr 2019
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United States
United States
Rock & Pop
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This is an original, never played, Metallica Ride The Lightning advanced promotional cassette tape. It was released by Elektra/Megaforce Records, shortly after the band left Megaforce Records in September of 1984 to sign with Elektra Records. It is housed in an advanced promotional Master Of Puppets jewel case and cover. The tape has very light wear, and plays fine. Remains in near mint condition. The cover has creases and some light wear damage-discoloration. This is an extremely rare item and desirable piece of Metallica memorabilia.