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Vinyl: We Love You... So Love Us - UK rare vinyl Banksy sleeve art Wall Of Sound 2000

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1,295.17 GBP
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3.00 GBP
05 Jun 2017
29 May 2017
15 bids
United Kingdom
Banksy - artist
United Kingdom
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This is a rare and original long deleted 18 track UK vinyl first pressing copy of a compilation album by various artists released in 2000
on the Wall Of Sound label titled We Love You... So Love Us. It's sleeve with an exclusive design by artist Banksy has only the lightest
signs of storage wear and is in lovely, excellent condition. The disc is very clean and well looked after and has only a few light hairlines
under overhead light and is also in excellent condition and comes in it's original yellow info inner sleeve.
I have had this album in my possession since it was released, so it has come from a smoke free - vinyl loving owner.
Wall Of Sound Records : AMOUR 1 LP

this is an auction only item - thanks!

UK : £4.00
Europe : £7.50
World : £10.00