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VHS Video: David Bowie Serious Moonlight World Tour Fan Pack 90 Min VHS and Softback Book

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29.99 USD
29.99 USD
11 Jan 2016
24 Dec 2014
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United States
David Bowie
VHS Video
Rock & Pop
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David Bowie Serious Moonlight World Tour Fan Pack 90 Min VHS and Softback Book

If you love Bowie, in all of his persona's, this is for you. This 90 minute video, recorded during David Bowie's 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour, includes 19 of his best known and loved songs. This was, some say, his best tour, as he was actually himself on stage, relaxed, smiling and enjoying making music!

The book in this package is the official tour book, with over 250 pages, loaded with photos from the road, including nightlife, on stage and travel.

It will give you a real feel for what it was like for Bowie, now clean, sober and fit at this point in his life. He had just lost everything through legal problems with former management and was now managing himself, selling his new music to the world and re-bonding with his son, who he had just won custody of. The photos and graphics, the writing and Bowie's own introduction will captivate and intrigue the fans who read this work.

This set is a must have for the fan, and is not available

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