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Vinyl: Overkill - ORIGINAL signed LP + ULTRA RARE mechanics for back cover Metallica

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1,200.00 USD
1,200.00 USD
29 Jul 2020
27 Jul 2020
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United States
Thrash/Speed Metal
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What’s going on metal heads, collectors of coolness and all that can appreciate some metal history here!

For your consideration is this Overkill - ORIGINAL signed LP + ULTRA RARE mechanics for back cover.

Overkill ORIGINAL signed LP + ORIGINAL mechanics to make the back cover. This is MEGA RARE and you will definitely NEVER see this again!!!!! I would definitely think it’s a one of a kind item that you could flaunt and hang up on your wall to show off to your friends and bandmates!

This item was owned by a collector that treated all his memorabilia with the most love and care! His house is pristine and temp controlled at all times!

Returns are not accepted on this item guys!

Thank you for looking!!!!