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26 Jun 2020
25 Jun 2020
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The Beatles
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Beatles 3rd State (Peeled) Stereo Butcher Cover

A few folks lost out on our last offerings so we are putting up another rare and gorgeous genuine 3rd state Butcher Cover for auction.

You are bidding on a first time listing of an awesome example of a genuine 1966 3rd State Stereo (peeled) example of arguably the most desired and collectible rock record in existence. This is a great price for a Stereo peel of this quality. Compare the quality of other professionally peeled covers and you will see that this is a superior example. Stereo Butcher Covers, in general, are that much more coveted and noted for being between 5 and 10 times more rare according to Capitol Record production manufacturing quantities. We've recently seen lesser quality Stereo 3rd state covers fetch $2000 or more in catalog auctions. See specific condition details below.

This package includes a prime example of a Rare Scranton Factory Stereo Butcher Cover with its removed Trunk Slick, Stereo record, inner sleeve, COA and free packet of Butcher related info. This is an awesome offering due to the quality of the peel and the overall quality of the complete package as a whole.

The peel is equally as nice and this presents as well as nearly any jacket we have offered in the past. Most of the peels offered on the internet have noticeable large tears or other serious damage to the Butcher slick, but not the case here. Factory glue lines/residue is minimal, especially compared to some of the Los Angeles peels. Additionally, This is a gorgeous peel. Much time and labor is spent in the process of bringing these very valuable and historic jackets back to life ! We are one of the only sellers on Ebay that can properly specify a covers chain of custody regarding peeling as we ARE NOT secondary market sellers of peeled jackets and all peeling is done in house. We strive to be 100% accurate when listing items and always show and describe specific condition details of these jackets. Please check out some of our recent feedback for customer satisfaction regarding Butcher Covers:

Wow, don't hesitate - authentic butcher. Fantastic, reputable seller. THANK YOU!

Professional packing, great communication, item EXACTLY as described. AWESOME!

Arrived in great shape, Thanks!

Awesome peel, great looking jacket, excellent seller, thanks!

Specific Condition Details :

This is simply a stunning stereo peel. Stereo jackets can be especially challenging to peel given that the glue on these jackets can be very gunky and sticky. The removal process must be carefully performed so as to not remove the print from the actual Butcher Slick. Like all of our peeled Butcher Covers, this is an outstanding example a genuine Stereo 3rd state jacket and can certainly be placed in the top 3% of all peeled jackets. Any minor glue residue, touch up, or edge wear is minimal and none of these issues take away from the beauty of this peel. No large tears or other serious damage to the Butcher Slick. Please examine photos prior to bidding.

Seams and Spine are above average on this offering. We have attached several photos of these areas. Top seam is complete with just a bit of light cracking on the very last few inches of the seam near the mouth opening. Same thing on the Bottom seam which is also mostly complete with some fine cracking of the last 3 inches of the seam near the mouth opening. These edge cracks have been neatly secured to prevent future spreading. These cracks are very common in this area on these jackets. The spine is decent with most writing present and legible and just a tiny chip of paper missing at the very top of the spine (very common) and a teeny paper chip missing near the catalog number on the spine. (please see photos). Back of the jacket is mostly clean with minor wear/staining and a small triangle shaped tip edge of missing paper in the top left hand corner of the back of the jacket (see photo).

We strictly advise not to attempt to place the record in this jacket. We cannot warrantee this jacket against further damage if pressure is placed on these 54 year old seams. The back of the jacket is fairly clean and only exhibits light wear and mild aging for its age. Nice overall jacket. Please see back photo for details.

The removed trunk slick is included and is solid and may be framed but shows some light wrinkling and wear and tear from the peeling process. VG- or better Scranton Stereo record (record has not been play graded) is also included with orange 1966 inner sleeve with some average light wear and tear.

Please see photos for confirmation of all of these specific condition descriptions.

Also included in this sale is a Certificate Of Authenticity which certifies not only the authenticity and chain of custody of the item, but a certification of the peeling process. Buyer will also receive a package of fun information about the Butcher Cover.

It should be emphasized that Butcher Covers of this quality and grade are highly desired by collectors and are genuinely scarce in this condition.

Payment through Pay Pal is due within 24 hours of auction close.

Safe and secure double boxed priority shipping w/tracking of this item within the United States will be $18.99. This is costly as we double box these packages in larger , heavier containers for safety and ship priority mail for quickest service.International orders shall be shipped using the Ebay Global Shipping Program. Buyer is responsible for any and all duty taxes on international shipments. Packages must lawfully be declared for their actually value (selling price).

Guarantee of Authenticity:
This item is an original and genuine Stereo 1966 3rd State (Peeled) used example of the legendary Butcher Cover. This item is guaranteed to be an authentic 1966 Butcher Cover and not a reproduction or counterfeit. Any challenges to authenticity must be examined by a well published Beatles memorabilia expert. Purchaser understands that this is a used item and therefore we request that that all photos be clearly examined prior to bidding. Given the fact that this item has been professionally peeled and altered from a 2nd state (unpeeled) condition to a 3rd state (peeled) example, this item has condition elements that reflect the process of treatment of the item when it was glued at the Capitol factory in 1966 as well as conditional elements from the actual peeling process and subsequent restoration. These elements generally involve mild glue lines/residue that were made at the pressing plant when the trunk cover was pasted over but also include some minor issues from the removal process that may require minute touch up. This is not a new item but a used one that has been restored through a tedious and careful process. Please examine photographs carefully and contact us with any specific questions.

About Us:

We have been professionally restoring and selling genuine Beatles Butcher Covers for nearly four decades and our customers range from well known celebrities and galleries to the everyday collector. We have contributed to television shows, collectible books/magazines and have displays in many of the best record guide books including "The Price Guide For The Beatles American Records" By Perry Cox and Frank Daniels and "Rockin' Records ". We are one of the only sellers on Ebay that can say that they are the direct source of our genuine Butcher Covers. In other words, we don't send our Butcher Covers out to others who provide peeling services but own and supervise all work that is performed on the Butcher Covers that we sell.