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CD: Pink Floyd Shine On Box Set – 8 CDs ONLY! No Box. No Book. READ DESCRIPTION

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59.98 USD
59.98 USD
12 Feb 2019
01 Feb 2019
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United States
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Pink Floyd
Psychedelic Rock Rock 'n' Roll
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Used copies of all 8 CD's that comprise the Pink Floyd "Shine On" box set from 1992. These are the discs and their jewel cases with inserts ONLY! There is no box or book. Stacked together in chronological order on a shelf, the spines display the prism from the cover of "The Dark Side of the Moon" (see photo #1). All the discs themselves are absolutely immaculate and were very well taken care of. The black jewel cases are pretty heavily scratched and the inserts have tab dents. Some worse than others but age hasn't treated the inserts very well which is typical for a set that's been sitting around since 1992. In the set are "A Saucerful of Secrets," "Meddle," "Dark Side of the Moon," "Wish You Were Here," "Animals," "The Wall (2 Discs) and "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason." This is the rundown of issues which I've done my best to display in the photos.

1. The jewel case for "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" has a crack in the front and a piece of the side edge is missing. Apparently broken off somehow (see photos 7 and 8).
2. The front of the jewel case for "Animals" is missing one of it's pivot points on the side corner (see photo 9).
3. I did my best to show how scratched the jewel cases are in photos 10 and 11.
4. Photo #12 is just one example of one of the CD's in the set. They're all in fantastic shape like the one shown here.
5. The best example of the tab denting can be seen in photo #6 of the "Wish You Were Here" disc and insert. Look at the insert itself and mouse over the bottom edge of it.

The rest of the pictures are scans of some of the jewel cases. I couldn't add pictures of everything with a 12 picture limit. All pictures are my own and should be inspected carefully by mousing over the photos as these are the exact items you will receive. USPS Media Mail shipping is included.

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