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Reel-to-reel: 20 Reel To Reels For Frank

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2,000.00 USD
2,000.00 USD
03 Dec 2018
03 Dec 2018
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United States
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20 Reel To Reels For Frank

Hard Day's Night 3.75 ips
Meet The Beatles Capital 4 Track 3.75 ips Y1T 2047
The Beatles - Yesterday And Today 3.75 ips Y1T 2553
Beatles - Rubber Soul / Second Album 3.75 ips

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath 3.75 WST 1871-B
Black Sabbath Paranoid 3.75 ips
Black Sabbath Masters of Reality 3.75 ips

All Things Must Pass' by George Harrison 3.75 ips

Hendrix Smash Hits 3.75 ips

King Crimson 3.75 ips

T-Rex 3.75 ips

Led Zeppelin 3.75 ips
Led Zeppelin III 7.5 ips M7201
Led Zeppelin II The Only Way to Fly 3.75 ips

The Stones
Rolling Stones Let It Bleed - 3.75 ips X70167
Rolling Stones Beggers Banquet - 3.75 ips LPX 70150

The Doors
Strange Days 3.75 ips
Waiting For The Sun 3.75 ips

The Monkees 'Two Album Set'. 3.75 ips CGP3-5001

Condition as seen in photos. Average wear and foxing from age but over all nice condition. Photos are of the actual items - Stand out notes. T-Rex label is detached. It can be reattached but I don't know enough about using glue on a reel so I'm going to leave it alone. There's a photo with it detached and then on the reel during a group picture. I took a photo of the spine for Rubber Soul and Meet the Beatles since they have above average wear along the spine You'll see in the photos that the spines have an itemized number written on them.

Tapes are intact and play. Due to age of the items - problems may occur due to age of tape, reel to reel player, pads, splice.

I can only upload 24 photos but I have more that I can send you upon request.

If you have any questions, please know that we're just an email away and happy to help.

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