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CD: Gorillaz 'We Are The Dury' Interview Promo CD (2005) (DEMONINT 01)

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28 Feb 2018
18 Feb 2018
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Comedy & Spoken Word
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The following 29 audio cuts were recorded by Gorillaz in London in February 2005, prior to the release of the CD, Demon Days.

Track listing:

1 Untitled 0:08

2 So, where have you been and what have you been up to? 6:59

3 2D, what did you do in your time off? 0:31

4 You recorded most of the album in your own Kong studios. How did you first find this building? 2:12

5 Your website,, gives your online audience access to Kong Studios. Tell us about thing thinking behind this. 1:49

6 OK, Murdoc, you've had your ciggy and you've got your beer. Let's get down to it and talk through the new album. How long did Demon Days take to record? 5:43

7 Let's now go through the album track by track. First up, suitably enough, Intro. 0:51

8 Track 2 is Last Living Souls. Russel? 1:14

9 Next up, Kids With Guns. A slower track, yes? 1:38

10 Track 4, O Green World. Noodle, talk us through that one, please... 1:35

11 Let's talk about the collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse. Was he involved on the next track, Dirty Harry? 2:39

12 Next is the first single, Feel Good Inc. 1:59

13 El MaƱana is next, Spanish for 'tomorrow', I believe. 0:51

14 Next track is Every Planet We Reach Is Dead. Sounds a bit sinister... 1:10

15 OK, November Has Come. Russel, can you start us off on this one? 0:46

16 All Alone follows, Track 10 on the new Gorillaz CD Demon Days. 1:34

17 Next up, White Light. 1:39

18 There's an interesting story about how the next track, DARE, got its title... 1:59

19 Noodle, tell us about Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. 2:15

20 Back to you, Russel, for Don't Get Lost In Heaven. 0:40

21 Now, the title track, Demon Days. Noodle? 2:09

22 OK, those are the tracks covered. How would you say this new record differs from the first Gorillaz' album, Russel? 3:47

23 Who chose the first single? 0:31

24 There are a number of guest collaborations on the album. How did they come about? 1:52

25 Are you going to tour this album? 1:51

26 Did you ever feel that the first album would be as successful as it actually was? 1:04

27 But why, do you think, it was so successful? 2:21

28 When did you know that you had really arrived as celebrities? 2:25

29 Have you, finally, learned anything from your experience? 0:31

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