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Vinyl: RICHARD WAGNER Die Walküre Excerpts LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI RCA Victor (4) LPs M-248

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17.99 USD
17.99 USD
16 Sep 2017
01 Sep 2017
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United States
Richard Wagner
RCA Victor
United States
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RICHARD WAGNER Die Walküre Excerpts LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI RCA Victor (4) LPs M-248

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We came across 40 or 50 RCA Victor Musical Masterpiece 78 RPM record sets. They are all from the 1930s to mid 1940s and appear to be in really nice condition, but we have not play tested any of them. It would take weeks to do so and with my real business I do not have the time to listen to them all. What we can say is that these are some very clean 78s and you just don't find them as nice as these are overall. We inspected each album and will point out any scratches we see, but most of these sets don't have any.

We only took pictures of the front of the record binder and one or two sides of the albums and the labels. The other albums and labels are in similar condition. If the set still included the pamphlet about the composition, we included a picture of the front and back. We would be happy to send you any additional pictures of the other albums and/or labels upon request.

These albums have wonderful labels and the vinyl looks among the shiniest and prettiest we've seen for 78s from before WWII. There are smudges/marks on the vinyl, but we didn't see any scratches when we looked over the albums. Many of the marks on the vinyl will almost certainly come off with a proper record cleaning. We will leave that up to the new owner because we do not have the time to properly clean all of these albums.

The album binder does show some signs of wear on the outside, but it is completely intact and each of the record sleeves are also in great condition.

This particular record set is the one described in the title and shown in the pictures above. As previously stated, we have not play tested these albums. We have visually estimated these albums to be in VG+ condition since we didn't see any scratches, but again we have not play tested them.

This record set will be shipped media mail with the USPS. These older 78s are more fragile than the softer vinyl used in newer records. We remove the records from the binder and wrap each one in bubble wrap and then place cardboard in between each record. We ship them in a 14" square box that we shorten the height on and fill with packaging peanuts. This is a time consuming process and we spend a fair amount on packaging supplies. We understand this may increase the price a bit, but it definitely helps to protect the records that are older than most people alive today.

Thanks for looking and God bless!

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