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Vinyl: Kogan Brahms concerto Columbia SAX 2307 B/S

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2,561.11 CAD
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5.00 CAD
21 Nov 2020
11 Nov 2020
56 bids
Leonid Kogan
Columbia SAX blue and silver
United Kingdom
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Condition of SAX 2307 (Tested with a Benz Micro-glider cartridge on a 12 inch EMT arm)

Side one: I can see no marks on this side. There are 4 light ticks near the start and 3 light ticks after eight minutes, and you can just hear light patter in quiet passages at the end.

Side two: There is a 3mm faint hairline in band one. There is very light vinyl patter for the first minute and a half, though it is not obtrusive on our equipment. There are then 3 consecutive very light ticks and 1 light tick after five minutes. The finale is perfect.

The Clarifoil on the jacket is damaged down part of the right hand side at the front as shown in photos 6 and 7, and the top edge is discoloured for 5cm as shown in photo 8. The back is in unusually good condition.