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VHS Video: The Cranberries - VHS Concert Collection - 1990-2003 (92 concerts, inc. masters)

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14 Jun 2020
05 Jun 2020
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United States
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The Cranberries
VHS Video
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The Cranberries - VHS Concert Collection - 1990-2003 (92 concerts, inc. masters). Condition is Very Good. Shipped with USPS Media Mail.

We lost my sister to a battle with cancer last year and she left behind an enormous collection from he favorite band, The Cranberries. She discovered them long before they hit it big when she spent her junior year of college in a study abroad program in the UK. She met some friends who would film the shows on their camcorders. When she went back home, they continued to send her shows and when The Cranberries started touring in America, she became obsessed with them, went to as many shows as possible and almost always filmed them too. This is a list of shows from her VHS collection. Full Disclosure: Her notes indicate that any show her friends sent to her from outside America was filmed in something called PAL format. Her VCR played PAL tapes and I can include it with your purchase if you would like. Anything she filmed was in something called NSTC format, which is what American VCRs play. All tapes have been stored in a cool, dry place. Any show with * next to it means she filmed the show and it is the master tape. Any show with ** next to it means she obtained it from someone else and it is a copy.

Limerick, Ireland - August, 1990 (exact date unknown)**
Limerick, Ireland - 11-10-90**
Newcastle, England - 6-20-91**
Edinburgh, Scotland - 6-21-91**
Coventry, Scotland - 6-25-91**
Limerick, Ireland - 7-14-91**
Thurles, Ireland - 8-2-91 (Festival - inc. Van Morrison)**
Edinburgh, Scotland - 11-3-91**
Glasgow, Scotland - 11-4-91**
Newcastle, England - 11-5-91**
Limerick, Ireland - 12-21-91**
On The Waterfront TV Show - 91**
London, England - 6-7-92**
London, England - 10-1-92**
Glasgow, Scotland - 10-19-92**
Aberdeen, Scotland - 10-20-92**
Edinburgh, Scotland 10-21-92**
Newcastle, England- 10-22-92**
Coventry, Scotland - 10-31-92**
London, England - 11-20-92**
Glasgow, Scotland - 2-19-93**
Portsmouth, England - 2-23-93**
Limerick, Ireland - 3-4-93**
Coventry, Scotland - 4-2-93**
Dublin, Ireland - 4-17-93**
London, England- 5-7-93**
New York City, NY, USA - 7-20-93*
Washington DC, USA - 7-21-93*
Philadelphia, PA, USA - 7-22-93*
Boston, MA, USA - 7-24-93*
Chicago, IL, USA - 9-14-93*
St Louis, MO, USA - 9-15-93 (Notes say there are two concerts? Not sure what this means)
*Washington DC, USA - 10-12-93*
Boston, MA, USA - 10-13-93*
Dayton, OH, USA - 10-15-93*
Providence RI, USA - 11-7-93*
New York, NY, USA - 11-11-93*
Cleveland, OH, USA -11-12-93*
Columbus, OH, USA - 11-13-93*
Miami, FL, USA - 8-4-94**
Philadelphia, PA, USA - 8-10-94*
New York City, New York, USA - 8-11-94*
Glasgow, Scotland - 10-13-94**
London, England - 10-16-94**
London, England - 11-17-94**
Albany NY, USA - 11-3-94*
Gettysburg PA, USA - 11-4-94*
Cleveland OH, USA - 11-12-94*
Cleveland OH, USA - 11-12-94**(notes say this is a different recording from someone else at the same show)
St. Louis MO, USA - 11-19-94*
New York City, NY, USA - 12-16-94*
New York City, NY, USA - 12-17-94*
Upper Darby, PA, USA -12-18-94*
London, England - 1-12-95**
London, England - 1-13-95**
Columbus, OH, USA - 4-29-95*
Rochester, NY, USA - 5-2-95*
Syracuse, NY, USA - 5-3-95*
Buffalo, NY, USA - 5-10-95*
Boston, MA, USA - 5-13-95*
Providence, RI, USA - 5-14-95*
Edinburgh, Scotland -5-30-95**
Dublin, Ireland - 6-2-95**
Edinburgh, Scotland - 7-27-95**
London, England - 7-31-95**
Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA - 8-14-95*
Columbus, OH, USA - 8-19-95*
St. Louis, MO, USA - 8-21-95*
Bangkok, Thailand - 5-4-96**
Cincinnati OH, USA - 8-20-96*
Columbus OH, USA - 8-21-96*
Pittsburgh, PA, USA -8-26-96*
Boston, MA, USA - 9-1-96*
Boston, MA, USA - 9-2-96*
Washington, DC, USA - 2-28-99*Boston, MA, USA - 5-3-99*
New York City, NY, USA - 5-5-99*
Holmdel, NJ, USA - 8-13-99*
Wallingford, CT, USA - 8-22-99*
Columbus, OH, USA - 8-31-99*
Cuyahoga Falls OH, USA, 9-2-99*
Noblesville, IN, USA - 9-4-99*
St. Louis, MO, USA - 9-10-99*
London, England - 11-28-99**
Dublin, Ireland- 4-29-00** (Notes say it Includes Counting Crows)
New York City, NY, USA- 8-22-01* (Notes say this is a short private concert)
Philadelphia, PA, USA - 12-4-01*
Cleveland OH, USA - 12-5-01*
Providence RI, USA - 12-10-01*
Upper Darby, PA, USA - 5-13-02*
Wallingford, CT, USA - 5-16-02*
New York City, NY, USA - 5-18-02*
Killarney, Ireland - 6-27-03**

On Jun-09-20 at 20:36:35 PDT, seller added the following information:

Update (6-9-2020) - Adding additional pictures of VHS with labels facing camera due to high volume of requests.

On Jun-11-20 at 14:33:39 PDT, seller added the following information:

Update (6-11-2020) - Bidders are asking for concert tickets and memorabilia. We didn't find anything when cleaning out our sister's house. We did find an unlabeled record that was with her Cranberries Music. Full disclosure: we can't guarantee that it's The Cranberries. We also found 2 mixed audio cassette tapes - Gaslow 1991-1993 and Best of New York 1993 - and a short CD called Uncertain from 1991, it only has 4 songs. These are now included to the winning bidder at no extra charge. We will throw them away if you win and don't want them.

On Jun-13-20 at 11:02:41 PDT, seller added the following information:

More FAQ's

"Will you ship outside the US?" If there aren't any weird missing package issues in your country, yes. Full disclosure: you pay for shipping outside the US.

"Can I see samples before I buy?"
I brought in the following VHS to be transferred yesterday -
Limerick Ireland 11-10-90
Thurles Ireland 8-9-91
Boston USA 10-13-93
Gettysburg USA 11-4-94
They're on a rush order. Should be done tomorrow by end of business.

"I live close to Boston and have a VCR, can I verify your tapes?"

Yes. We must practice CDC social distancing guidelines. We will meet in a public parking lot - Franklin Zoo, Gas Station, Hotel, Grocery Store, etc. I will bring my camper with an extension chord and 18" LCD TV. I will sanitize the TV using Clorox disinfectant wipes. You will do the same with you VCR. I will provide the disinfectants. You will plug in your VCR. I will insert up to 10 VHS Tapes of your choosing for up to two minutes each. You may take pictures or video recordings. Must stay 6 feet apart at all times and wear gloves when touching chords and electronics.

If you are satisfied and want the VHS Tapes, you can make me an offer. If we come to an agreement, you may make the bid on eBay during our meeting. I will accept your bid and end the auction early with the sell to the highest bidder option. Once the payment goes through, you can take all of the VHS tapes with you, excluding the 4 listed above that are being transferred. I will ship you the 4 remaining VHS Tapes, 2 audio cassettes, Uncertain CD and unlabeled record within 3 business days of the original transaction.