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Cassette: Spaced Out Peter Spoecker Macrofusion 1983 Cassette Tape Shining Lotus Computer

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03 Dec 2019
26 Nov 2019
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United States
Peter Spoecker
United States
Dance & Electronica
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Spaced Out Peter Spoecker Macrofusion 1983 Cassette Tape Computer Music.
Tape is in very good condition.


The Spaced Out tapes were some of Spoecker’s better sellers from his computer music phase, though they are far from commercial. Always a fan of odd timbres and juxtapositions, Spoecker’s compositions are abstract and even cartoonish, with mathematical arpeggios overlapping and fading in and out, like The Shaggs covering Perry and Kingsley.

On side one, organic textures add some life to the sometimes maddening ADD style, with phased water sounds and distorted voices breathing a tinge of humanity into the alien soundscapes. Side two holds together better as a piece, as Spoecker adds tribal drums and Indian chanting to the mix while building up a wall of noodling into a nice EM groove where all the pieces come together

Peter Spoecker was an eccentric artist who followed his own path through life. Whether it was rock climbing, psychedelic films, jewelry making, airbrushed space art, synthesizer programming, or promoting didgeridoos, Spoecker lived by the mantra "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing." Along the way he rubbed some the wrong way with his unfiltered opinions, but he also impressed others with his passionate interests and brilliant mind. In the early '80s he put out a stream of computer music albums under the name Macrofusion before pivoting to nature-inspired new age as Shining Lotus in the mid-'80s. In the next decade he reinvented himself as a didgeridoo expert, even starting the Joshua Tree Didge festival in 2000. Spoecker died tragically in 2005 during a hike in the Sierras when he fell into a frozen lake and drowned, weighed down by his heavy photography gear.