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Vinyl: The Rolling Stones - Precious Stones - 10 Copies - Picture Disc! Cheap Because

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40.00 USD
40.00 USD
02 Mar 2017
14 Dec 2016
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United States
The Rolling Stones
United States
Comedy & Spoken Word
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The Rolling Stones - Precious Stones - 10 Copies - Picture Disc! Cheap Because
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The Rolling Stones

Precious Stones (10 copies)

Released in 1981 by Silhouette Music - a New York company specializing in collectible re-issues - these are picture discs featuring interviews with members of The Rolling Stones.


These 10 copies are warped and won't play properly on some turntables. So if you're looking for the audio content, please buy from someone else. But if you want these as a collectibles, or to use as wall art, or as part of a craft project, then today's your day! They're clean and have never been played. I've seen picture discs made into clocks, or (with some craftmanship) made into bowls or platters and other household items, or just framed and hung on the wall. At this price, you can't go wrong so use your imagination!

This offer is for 10 copies - You'll get the discs only and when they're gone, they're gone! The 1-2 week Media Mail shipping is free so don't pass them up - get them now!



  1. Genre: Spoken word
  2. Catalog Number & Year: Silhouette SM-10005, 1981 Release, made in USA
  3. Speed: 33 RPM, Approximately 12" diameter (30 cm) (standard size)
  4. Record Condition: Unused but warped and unplayable. Sold as is with no further warrantee.
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    This would make a great gift!


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