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Vinyl: Elton John - Are You Ready For Love, 12", (Vinyl)

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12.90 GBP
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12.90 GBP
29 Jun 2020
10 Feb 2020
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United Kingdom
Elton John
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Elton John - Are You Ready For Love, 12", (Vinyl)

Elton John - Are You Ready For Love, 12", (Vinyl)

  • Artist:Elton John
  • Format:
  • Label:Southern Fried Records
  • Media Condition:Near Mint (NM or M-)
  • Sleeve Condition:Very Good Plus
  • Catalog Number:ECB50


Grading System Explained

Media / Cover

Mint = New

Near Mint = Excellent, perfect record

Very Good Plus = Generally worth 50% of the Near Mint value, Will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it

Very Good = Generally worth 25% of the Near Mint value, Surface noise will be evident upon playing.. Groove wear will start to be noticeable, as will light scratches

Good = Generally worth 10-15% of Near Mint value, Will play through with significant surface noise and deep scratches (no skips)

Generic = means not original sleeve, Vinyl comes in white blank sleeve