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Vinyl: Merzbow - Pulse Demon LP Silver Vinyl Bludhoney Records New

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100.00 USD
31 Oct 2019
19 Oct 2019
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United States
Brand New
Bludhoney Records
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2xLP featuring Merzbow's 1996 classic "Pulse Demon" in its entirety, available on vinyl for the first time. Pressed on colored double 12" vinyl & housed in a heavy-duty holographic gatefold jacket. Features Japanese-style obi strip, black & white labels, poly-lined black inner sleeves and track listing insert card.
Silver Vinyl / 250
Merzbow's legendary 1996 psychedelic harsh noise masterpiece has remained among the most extreme and polarizing albums ever recorded, every bit as intense and cathartic today as it was two decades ago. "Pulse Demon" is the holy grail of the Japanese noise god's discography - brimming with unrestrained energy and vibrance, this influential masterwork decimates listeners with pulverizing bursts of pure sound. A true landmark of artistic extremity,"Pulse Demon" is perfectly suited to the dream-noise of the BLUDHONEY collection; embodying the monolithic presence of a BLUD release through its wildly expressive chaos.