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Vinyl: Led Zeppelin - Genuine Fully Signed Autograph Led Zeppelin II Album LP - RARE!

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18 Aug 2019
18 Aug 2019
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United Kingdom
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Led Zeppelin
United Kingdom
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Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II LP

Signed by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham & John Paul Jones

For sale here is an incredibly rare and much sought after fully signed album from Led Zeppelin.

LP is an original first pressing with Jimmy Page credit.

Signed very early 70's in fine black ink pen. Signatures are sharp and clear. Sleeve condition is very good to excellent. Some scuffing to edges but no tears and spine is fully intact. Vinyl has some light scratching. Label on vinyl has suffered due to a sticky label being removed. Vinyl can be replaced by a buyer.

Authentic full set Led Zeppelin signatures with John Bonham are extremely rare and hard to come by and t his is a good opportunity to pick up a set of authentic Led Zeppelin signatures.

LP will be packaged very securely and will be posted tracked and insured.

60 day returns if not entirely satisfied.

Thanks for looking.